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What is group insurance?

We'll tell you all about it in this short video.

What is group insurance

Why choose us?

We make it easy to save on insurance, and we’ll be there when you need us most.

I was surprised to save almost $900 on my insurance! Economical has great rates and excellent service.

- Mandeep Sidhu

Economical makes for big savings. At the time I was paying $285 per month — they gave me [the same insurance coverage] for $130.

- James Lamptey

I saved over $400 switching to Economical and the transition was seamless.

- Sandra Boyd

Not only do I recommend Economical to my members for their great prices, value, and exceptional customer service, I have renewed my home and auto insurance with them since 2008!

- Penny A. Gardiner

I was able to save over $500 per year compared to what I had been paying. Take my word for it — it's worth the effort to get a quote and experience the savings.

- Chef Roy

I made a quick call during my lunch break and the results were better than I expected: they told me I had a potential savings of about $1200 a year.

- Davindra Jagiah

I was very happy. There was a $400 difference — it was the exact same benefits!

- Sarah Balet

I saved approximately $40 per month. I am extremely happy that I switched to Economical.

- Lorraine Spence

Economical was so great to deal with. It was a smooth changeover for me and all questions were answered.

- Arline MacIntosh

Great company, great broker.

- Kirk Brumwell

I was looking for a better quote on my existing car/home insurance and got a very good deal with Economical.

- Nils Fabian
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People that care

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it's guaranteed. With a specialized team of more than 600 claims professionals on your side, you're sure to get the service you deserve — 24 hours a day.

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