Here's a renter's guide to tenant insurance, as shown by a man and woman drinking coffee in their apartment kitchen

One of the most common myths about home insurance is that renters just don’t need it, plain and simple. But whether you’re a first-time renter or you’ve been renting your space for years, you should know that your landlord’s insurance policy is probably not designed to protect you or your stuff. You’ll need your own insurance for that — and that’s where tenant insurance comes in.

Here’s a collection of articles to show you how tenant insurance works, how much it really costs, and how it could help you out in the event of a fire or other emergency in your rented space:

How much is your stuff really worth? Here's a room-by-room look at what tenant insurance could do for you.
Tenant insurance might cost 
less than you think. 
Learn how much it really costs.
How much coverage do you need? Consider these tips when setting your tenant insurance limits.
Rent your space? Check out these surprising facts for Canadian renters.
There’s a lot of info about tenant insurance online, but not all of it is true. Here are the biggest myths.

Renting your space? You can’t count on your landlord’s insurance policy to protect you or your stuff. To make sure you’re covered, you’ll need your very own tenant insurance policy.

If you’re ready to get set up with your own tenant insurance policy or if you want to learn more about how tenant insurance works, reach out to your group’s licensed broker. Your group’s broker can do the research for you and help you find the right policy to suit your needs.

Are you a post-secondary student or do you have dependent children who live away from home while attending college or university? Many standard home insurance policies are designed to protect students who are living away from home and attending post-secondary programs. Talk to your group’s broker to learn more.

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