A close up on someone holding their key fob beside their car shows how locking your car can prevent car theft

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says a car is stolen every six minutes, costing Canadians more than $1 billion each year. While it isn't always possible to predict or prevent auto theft, it's important to learn about common car theft trends and take proactive measures to reduce your likelihood of becoming a target. Check out this collection of articles and learn how to protect your vehicle from thieves:

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Canada's most frequently stolen vehicles
What to do if your car is stolen


Save on insurance by installing an anti-theft system

Installing an after-market anti-theft system is one of the most effective ways to protect your vehicle from being stolen. Not only can this help reduce your chances of becoming a target for car thieves, but an anti-theft system that tracks your vehicle's location can also help with the recovery of your vehicle if it's stolen. It could also qualify you for a car insurance discount, offsetting higher premiums that may apply to high-theft vehicles.

Car theft is on the rise. Take proactive measures, like installing an aftermarket anti-theft device or being more aware of where you park, to deter thieves and protect your vehicle.

Need help reviewing your car insurance policy or want to learn more about how specific car theft prevention methods can qualify you for a discount? Reach out to your group's licensed car insurance broker for more information and helpful advice.

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