A man sits with his children while talking on the phone and browsing his laptop, as he learns everything about renewing his home insurance policy

When your home insurance renewal notice arrives, you may be tempted to file it away and stick with the same coverage year after year. But your home and your needs have likely changed since you first bought your policy, and your existing coverage and limits may no longer be right to suit your current situation. Luckily, renewal time presents a great opportunity for you to make sure your coverage still suits your needs and your budget.

Time to renew your home insurance policy? Take a look at these articles as you review your policy to make sure your coverage and limits still meet your needs and ensure you’re benefitting from all of the savings opportunities available to you:

When reviewing your home insurance policy, consider the five factors outlined in this renewal checklist.
If the cost of your home insurance increases at renewal time, one of these factors may be the culprit.
If your partner moved in with you after you bought your home insurance policy, you may need to update your coverage.
From getting a new roof to starting a home-based business, you need to share these 10 changes with your insurer.
If your home insurance premium is on the rise, use these 10 money-saving tips to keep more money in your pocket.
Ask your broker about these 10 home insurance discounts to make sure you’re saving as much as possible.

When your home insurance renewal notice arrives, don’t just file it away — take some time to review your policy, plan for any necessary changes, and make sure you’re taking advantage of all available savings opportunities.

Have a question about your home insurance policy renewal? Want a second opinion on whether your policy still provides you with the protection you need? Reach out to your group’s licensed broker. Your group’s broker can do the research for you, make sure your policy still meets your needs, and help you find new ways to save.

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