A man crouches down to fill his car’s tire with air, showing one way to reduce your vehicle’s emissions

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are a leading cause of global warming — and cars are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily, changing how you drive can drastically improve your carbon footprint. Put the environment first and follow this guide to reduce your vehicle’s emissions:

  1. Keep up with regular engine maintenance. Regular maintenance checks, including spark plug replacements, fuel system cleanings, and oxygen sensor inspections, can improve how efficiently your vehicle burns fuel and reduce harmful emissions.
  2. Check your tire pressure. Frequently check your tire pressure, as flat tires can increase fuel consumption. If your tires are chronically low on air, it might be time to invest in a new set of tires to reduce your fuel usage.
  3. Use cleaner fuel. You might have noticed different fuel grades at your local gas station. Certain types of premium gas include additives that clean engines, improve horsepower, restore lost fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. So not only is it better for your engine, but it’s also better for the environment. 
  4. Keep your cool when accelerating and braking. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to reducing emissions. Avoid aggressive driving behaviors like rapid acceleration and sudden braking, which can guzzle gas and pump out pollutants. Instead, practice smooth and gradual driving for an eco-friendly commute.

    Want to reduce your car’s greenhouse gas emissions? Try not to brake or accelerate quickly, turn off your air conditioning, and keep up with your vehicle maintenance to improve your engine’s fuel efficiency.

  5. Limit your use of air conditioning. Your car’s engine powers the alternator, which provides energy to your air conditioning system. While driving with your windows down at high speeds can create more drag, it’s also a good idea to avoid running your air conditioning at full blast for the entirety of your trip. Try to drive with your windows open while travelling around the city to keep cool and only use your air conditioning while on the highway.
  6. Avoid idling. Nothing beats the convenience of a drive-thru or the comfort of stepping into a warm car on a frosty day. But idling emits unnecessary exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. Instead, park your car and cut down on how often you idle your car before heading out.

Did you know that letting your car idle on your driveway makes it an attractive target for car thieves? Reduce your risk of car theft by opting out of idling.

Reducing emissions is a great way to keep the environment top of mind while on the road. Want to be more eco-friendly right at home? See how a few easy lifestyle swaps can help you use less energy.

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